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Fri | 28.10.2016

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As we speak especially from our own experience, we created the Corporate Bring Back Productivity & Refreshing Mind Packs for one day or for one weekend, with the option of applying for a monthly subscription.

In short, we thought a training programme for mind and body with lots of activities which will relax and motivate your employees. You can benefit of the above online (live streaming), at your office, at a special location or away in a well selected location with lots of other activities.
Type of activities to revitalise your employees are:

  1. Yoga & Meditation
  2. Boot Camp training

The activities are recommended for both the beginners and for the advanced users and can benefit out of it at a suitable time to fit into YOUR time line. Furthermore, all of the above will bring happiness, relaxation, good fun, rejuvenate, advices about how to get fit or just to feel good and the most important one, to release stress and activate the Well Being andProductivity!
You can expect to have a fantastic profitability after one meeting with us! Make your appointment at events@paservices.ro and we can come to see you and create the suitable pack to fit your needs and budget.
Reserve your appointment and get a special deal doing your event with us until the end of 2016: 20% DISCOUNT for NRCC members.  

Remember: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” - Helen Keller

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