NRCC Member in Spotlight - PA SERVICE & EVENTS

Tue | 25.10.2016


Meet Violeta Cenusa, Managing Director, PA Services & Events, a dynamique and young company specialized in Project Managent, Planning and Organising Private & Corporate Events.

1Dear Violetaplease introduce yourself shortly to our members.
I have more than 10 years of experience in sales and management with a passion for helping others either professionally or personally. Social responsibility for me is not a buzz word, but a requirement that I strive towards in everything I do. We should always be there for others which are less fortunate. I believe in ethical entrepreneurship and I have always pushed myself to the limits and never give up. I am particularly proud to be a Romanian and part of Re>patriot team ((, a Romanian Business Leaders project and now honoured to be member of your Chamber.
2Nowadays in Romania, more and more women choose to be entrepreneurs. You are one since 2011. What was the trigger and what challenges did you face?
Like many business’s, we evolved from simply helping out expat friends to find accommodation and source other suppliers from plumbers to insurers. It quickly became apparent that there was a gap in the market for someone trustworthy to fill and that has been the solution to the greatest challenge we face. It is a fact that expats arriving in any country fear the unknown, but because we had been providing high quality services to western standards since 2011, our clients know they are dealing with an organisation with honesty and integrity at the heart of what they do.
Flexibility was the next greatest challenge we faced as we realised that our clients often needed our services outside normal working hours. Some of our clients work unsociable hours such as airline pilots and executives and finding solutions to accommodating their needs was also key to our success.
The business then grew organically for several years before realising that many of our clients wanted other services such as organising functions and so, PA Services & Events (PASE) was born. Having cracked the challenge of working unsociable hours it was a very natural progression of our business. Events we have helped organise over the last few years include the St. Patrick’s Ball, Re>patriot Gala, Zarnesti Challenge. Many others can be found on our website at
The most recent evolution of our business was based on market research which identified that companies were looking for programs aimed at employee’s wellbeing and we now offer retreat packs for companies.  These can be for one day or one weekend and are tailored to meet a client’s specific objective and budget. Our clients love these activities as their employees feel recognised and rewarded for their service and come back healthier regenerated and productivity goes up. Everyone wins.
3. You are working in a very competitive market. Are there some trends from 2016, do clients want specific things or have different expectations now comparing to 3 years ago for example?
Definitely yes! Clients are always searching for diversity, for something new. They want originality, but they also want value for money. We listen carefully to what our clients want and then we work hard creating an activity and budget until delivering the project they envisage. We believe in the saying: ‘promise less and deliver more!’
4. Also, you have a large experience in fundraising and Casa Ioana (NRCC member as well) is very close to your soul. What advice would you give an NGO for optimizing their fundraising campaigns? Is quite a battle here.
We started to work with Casa Ioana in 2013, helping to Project Manage the delivery of the Christmas Soup Kitchen, which takes place at Gara de Nord every December. This was our first introduction to working on a project which relied so heavily and involved so many supporters from companies to institutions and individuals who gave their time selflessly.

I believe that the key to successful fundraising is a top down belief in the NGO. Casa Ioana is an exceptional charity run by a truly exceptional man who has given the last 21 years of his life to helping women and children of domestic abuse and families’ homelessness. It is impossible not to be inspired by Ian Tilling and to then inspire others to support the organisation. It also helps to know that every single euro raised goes straight to where it is needed and not excessive management costs and salaries. Since then, we have developed a strong relationship with our supporters which we aim to retain and build on every year.

The next step in growing support was to increase the profile by extending the number of events and tailoring those to meet people from different backgrounds.  For example, Casa Ioana has become an associate cause to the Raiffeisen Marathon, by PASE managing to bring together more than 60 volunteers and runners to help make a difference. In addition, we raise awareness by speaking about them at conferences or by live streaming. For true success an NGO’s must be open, trustworthy and transparent. So only from my personal point of view, it is essential to be creative, keep raising awareness by helping others and success will come your way.
5. What are you company plans for 2017?
We will continue to develop the events area and our associations with corporate clients ensuring at all times that we provide a professional service with a personal touch. We also plan to make better use of technology by creating an application so that our customers can register online to obtain early access to events, book their tickets and see what offers we have available, news, etc. We expect to grow significantly next year and anticipate recruiting a new account manager; perhaps we can repatriate someone from abroad!

6. Organizing corporate events can be a very challenging activity. What would be your 3 main recommendations?
That is simple! Plan carefully, check often and be prepared to react quickly to the unexpected! The only thing that our clients should worry about is being on time to their own event!!
7. In the end, please a thought for NRCC members.
Deciding on what company to work with is a minefield.  Get it right and it can be the start of a long and fruitful relationship, get it wrong and the very reputation of your company can be put at risk.  Choose only to work with companies with a track record and excellent references and communicate carefully and often.

Build relationships for the long-term and work together to solve any unexpected situations which might appear and move on. This will make your relationships stronger and lead to greater respect on both sides.
Oh yes and before I forget, give us a call to see how we can help reduce your stress with our personal service that really can make a difference. You can book an appointment with us at events@paservices.roor call on +40 073 744 1003.

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