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Tue | 22.03.2016


Meet Oana Lamba, Founder Olla Floral Art and the living proof that surprising changes can happen and flourishing projects may appear when you combine talent, passion, hard work and strong motivation.

.Dear Oana, please introduce yourself shortly to all our members. 
My name is Oana Lamba and I am a very passionate floral designer, an entrepreneur (I happily run Olla Floral Art) and a young mother of two. I prefer to let my work speak for me, as I think it defines me very well. 

2. You are now running Olla Floral Art, a flourishing business, but previous you were a financial auditor, working for an important multinational company. That's quite a shift. What happened?
I have always been passionate about flowers and decorating and I think I have inherited the talent from my grandmother, a handicraft teacher. I have a Master's degree from ASE, the School of International Economics Relations and Affairs, and until, 2010, I have been working as a financial auditor for a multinational company.

I started working with the flowers by joke, but also by need, when we christened a friends’ daughter and I wanted to create a christening candle with snowdrops and, amid hard trying, I couldn’t find any flower shop who could do it. That I was the moment I decided to do it by myself. I worked at it for hours, but it turned out splendid and it had a fabulous success. After the birth of my 2nd child, I realized I no longer wanted to go back to work and that I wanted to raise my children freely, just as I was feeling, with no rules and employee hours. I than started to seriously think about how I could transform my hobby for flowers into a busi-ness. 

3. What was the most difficult aspect you faced when setting up the business? What would you advise a future entrepreneur?
The first year of business was very challenging, it started with a lot of passion, impetus, projects, but also with a lot of work. 

The biggest recognition of my work so far is the fact that Olla Floral Art became in 2015 the Official Supplier of the Royal House of Romania, an amazing achievement, but also a great responsibility. I think the hardest thing was to be the orchestra-woman: the person good at everything. To do PR, creation, marketing, cost analysis, profitability, management, and, above all, still be there for my children. 

It was also hard to pass the breakeven, but what we need was not focusing on the money as our main target, but focusing on the clients and their real needs and that was a strategy that paid off. We’ve increased our sales and we are on a really good road. Now I am happy that my kids go to kindergarten and I have enough time to focus on the creation. We already have an online shop and an updated website and, in the future, I am thinking about extending the Olla brand to several shops. 

4. Netherlands is the largest player in floriculture worldwide, but in terms of trends, is the Dutch market also a benchmark? 
It’s true. It’s undeniable that the Dutch horticultural sector is a global trendsetter, supplying markets all over the globe, as well as being a leading innovator in greenhouse technology. The Dutch horticulture sector is the undisputed international market leader in flowers, plants, bulbs and reproductive material and the number three exporter in nutritional horticulture products, according to reports.Taking in account the fact that the current generation of greenhouses already generates approximately 10 percent of Holland’s power needs by using combined heat and power (CHP) and that nowhere else in the world are plants cultivated on such a large scale, I believe I can say that Holland is a trendsetter and a powerful force in the world. 

5. Floral designer job is quite a new in Romania. Do you see potential on our local market in terms of offer and need?
Yes, I definitely do. The market is really divided between many players who are investing more and more in growing their businesses. Moreover, the most important players are also diversifying their portfolios and range of offered services in order to satisfy the customers’ increased and more sophisticated demand. Besides the everyday customer that is more and more informed about the new trends and that knows very well what he wants, corporate businesses begin to increase their specialized demands for well-being workshops, special events and decorations, that also imply the help, input, creativity and vision of good floral designers. And we, at Olla Floral Art, are more than qualified and ready to fulfill that need. 

6. In the end, do you have a message for NRCC members?
I am very honored to be part of your organization and to be able to share with you my business story. Every floral arrangement, every bouquet that come out of our studio show the passion we put in our work, the attention to every detail and the desire we bring a smile on the face of every customer or person that interacts with our finished product. The whole Olla Floral Art team wishes you an amazing spring, and, why not, to be our customers and see our special arrangements first hand and be delighted by them!

ABOUT OLLA FLORAL ART                                                                                              

Olla Floral Art started in 2011 as a small business family that rapidly developed into a successful one due to Oana Lamba’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with 3 major ingredients: love for beauty, passion for flowers and the desire of making each floral arrangement look like a piece of art.

Now, each day the specialists from Olla Floral Art create beautiful and unique arrangements dedicated to both corporate and private segment: event, floral presents, weekly subscriptions.

This year the company is launching a new website that will allow customers to order online and that will offer a great customer experience. More details are available on and the Official Facebook page.

NRCC members benefit from 5% DISCOUNT. 
See here the 2016 Corporate Spring Collection. 

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