NRCC Member in Spotlight - Lugera Romania

Tue | 11.10.2016


Meet Bogdan Gabor, National Operations Manager at Lugera The People Republic, full service HR provider, acting on the Romanian market since 2001. 

1. Dear Bogdan, please introduce yourself shortly to our members.
I am the COO of the most vivid republic of HR, Lugera The People Republic. For 6 years, I’ve been intensively practicing HR with Lugera and in August 2016, I took the step from managing the northern and western parts of the country to coordinating the operations for the entire country.

2. Lugera Travel, Lugera Cafe, Lugera Government, The People Republic etc. Better said, an innovative approach for standing out from crowd. Can creativity be considered one of Lugera’s main assets?
Creativity is one of Lugera’s main assets as it supports company’s commitment to doing business differently, in a relaxed, fun-filled way. It’s a mission involving also an out-of-the-box approach, yes-we-can attitude and a true culture of the well-done things.

3. Romania moves closer to getting emerging market status on FTSE index. What main opportunities can you foresee in terms of recruitment?
There’s no doubt Romania’s economic performance is constantly getting better. But, this is a performance in part sustained by the entire European performance. Romania has still its gaps in productivity and has to work a bit more to make up for this. So, our efforts should be focused not only on grasping business opportunities, but also on making the best out of them so that they generate new business. Recruitment is a segment in HR with great potential: there is a constant need for specialized workforce, not only for Romania based companies, but also for other European countries, there’s a constant request for skilled managers, IT professionals and unskilled workforce. But besides that the segment with a constant grow and tremendous potential in HR remains outsourcing, as it provides the flexibility and cost-control companies need.

4. Speaking about opportunities - so far, was 2016 a good year for recruiting market in Romania? What are Lugera’s plans for 2017?
If we look at recruitment in terms of how many vacancies were open this year, yes, we can say it’s been an amazing year. But if we look at what the trend did to HR plans, we’ll see increased budgets and turnover. With the pool of candidates constantly shrinking, the recruitment process has gone under major reshape. It’s not enough to show up and display your offer, so that the candidates run to you. The mix for success is made up of strong employer branding, tailored-cut rewards, creativity and recruitment skills that integrate consultancy, marketing and sales skills. We’re practically fishing for talent in the same pond, success is about who differentiates better in terms of being meaningful for candidates. 2017 for us is about nurturing our 500000 candidates’ Talent Base. We approach account management from a different perspective and turn recruitment from a demand based approach to a strategically planned process.

5. Now let’s talk a little about trends: for e.g, hiring in the Digital Age, intrapreneurship & corporate entrepreneurship, education reshaped by experiential learning or working that is becoming trans-disciplinary.
World has changed a lot and the things we just imagined a decade ago are the commodities of the present. This has been changing the way we learn, we work, we interact with others, but also the way we do business. There is no doubt that our future is digital and that investments should follow this way for companies to keep competitive, both in terms of technologies, companies implement and also in technologies employees are taught.

6. How do you retain, motivate and engage your employees?
Lugera is a fast paced school of HR. This is our main assets and this is our strongest point in employee engagement. Young people join us to learn the ABC’s of recruitment, administration or payroll having also the possibility to switch between departments and learn new skills. The variety of clients from different industries allows them to gain experience in a very short period of time and be able to assume new roles or tasks. On the other hand, we know that each employee is different and has different needs and requirements in terms of perks. That is why we implemented a mix of flexible benefits, allowing each Lugera employee to choose what is best for him/ her.

7. In the end, please a thought for NRCC members.
We’ve got used to making things on fast forward, we skilled our people to be faster and better and we implemented sophisticated technology to make this happen. What’s next? There are only several ingredients leading companies to top: learn, make mistakes, improve, adjust, learn, make mistakes, improve, adjust over and over again.

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