NRCC Member in Spotlight - Inspired Design

Tue | 06.09.2016


Meet Iulia Iuga-Dohmen, an Interior Architect & Designer operating under her own brand,Inspired Design. Iulia focuses on creating atmospheres for residential, commercial and office spaces, while she is actively advocating the "Green Design" concept. 

. Dear Iulia, please introduce yourself shortly to our members.
I am a 30 year old (proud Romanian) interior architect & designer. I have my own company: Inspired Design, and deliver projects for residential and commercial/office spaces. Some notable projects I delivered: the Dutch Embassy Residence, also I have been for some years the exclusive designer for the Geta Voinea hair and Beaty Salons and I also worked with Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest and Novotel Bucharest City Centre. Besides that, I am a proud romanian, who is on a mission to teach Romanians style and taste.
2. Nowadays in Romania, more and more women choose to be entrepreneurs. How hard is to be on your own, moreover, right from the beginning of the carrer?
I am an entrepreneur, I do not see a dfference in men and women in this regard. All starts are difficult and you need to have a plan, stamina and the willingness of being on your own. It is a challenge, but I like it.
3. What is your favorite project and why?
My favorite project until now has been the private Residence of the Dutch Ambassador here in Bucharest. It was quite challenging  to combine the Dutch culture and political transparency with a traditional Romanian house from 1922. I provided an atmosphere where living and formal meetings take place, and merge it with the modest grandeur that is fitting for a (Dutch) Embassy Residence. But also I delivered the harmony in quality and an entertaining atmosphere that can cope with large groups of guests, for example at dinners or receptions. The redecoration of the residence of the Dutch Ambassador is a mixture between modern and influential eclectic decorations
4. The Romanian interior design market is still very young. How would you describe it in comparison to the Dutch one? What is missing, what we need for „growing-up”?
Oh my..where to begin. Simply put: in the Netherlands people chose to have an interior designer which they view as an expert. They pay to have the designer create their surroundings. So they let you do what you are suppose to do. And that results in a perfect harmony of executing desires and wishes from the client, and what I create. In Romania it is a different story: here it must be cheap, here the client wants to compare everything and treats a designer not as an expert but as a cost. That can cause friction sometimes.
5. What are the major trends in office design for 2016: colors, fabrics, shapes etc.
The trend in office design is to have a „living” office. The place where you as an employee want to work and spend time with pleasure as you have a second home. Companies decided to offer an experience to their employees by having different places where they can create, work in groups, work individual, read, make sport, have meetings in cafeterias, relax and socialize on lounge chairs and sofas. Open spaces are still in fashion with special areas divided by plants, cabinets, fonoabsorbant panels or removable walls. Directors can have their own office or work in the open space near the employees. Ergonomic furniture, organic shapes, colors that are inspired from the nature such as sun, water, sand, earth, plants, fruits are used by the designers. But also natural fabrics and materials such as textiles, wood and sustenable materials like cork and recycled materials.
6. What would be your first advice to a company that wants to redesign its office space?
They should have the HR department talking with an interior designer. Things can look cool and flashy, and trust me I have seen many concepts. But in the end I believe the employee needs to feel comfortable and secure in his working environment. Not everybody likes to work in open spaces without regular desk for example. Employees are they key of succes in a company, but I doubt their input is heared in the prices of office spaces.

7. In the end, please a thought for NRCC members.
I have seen this chamber growing in a short time. And it benefits me in terms of expanding my network and learning new views. I am somewhat amazed that not all members make use of what the NRCC facilitates. I am also part of other business associations, but none of their events matches what NRCC has to offer.

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