NRCC Member in Spotlight - INAQ CONSULTING

Wed | 10.05.2017


Meet Ionut Nache, Founder and Owner of INAQ Consulting, one of the most important players on the market of management consulting services.

1. Dear Ionut, please introduce yourself to our members.

Ionut Nache, 47 years old, married, Founder and Owner of INAQ Consulting – IFS Management GmbH, Globalgap GmbH, EuropeSpa Med & Wellness GmbH, Temos International GmbH business partner here in Romania but also in CEE.

2. Why did you decide to join NRCC?

I love Netherlands and I like very much the dutch! A lot of friends, business partners and opportunities to develop like human first and then like businessman!

3. How has evolved in the last 5 years the Romanian management consulting services market?
For me – very well! I decided to be more active in conferences, on-line advertising  with our training , consulting and auditing services in different scopes from agriculture GLOBALGAP, food industry IFS Food, cosmetics and household products – IFS HPC, logistics and transport – IFS Logistics.

4. Audit is a modern and powerful tool for an effective organization management. Do you think that in Romania the service is used at its maximum potential? If not, why?

Sincerly, NO! The owners don’t really understand what POWER they can have if they real have a professional audit related to their company (management of processes, KPI, Quality and Safety of their products, services)

5. Let’s talk know about quality standards. How are things going in Romania in comparison to the Dutch market or even wider, european one? What can we learn from them?

We have a long way to do! Just one example: IFS certificates in Romania 200, IFS certificates in Poland 800!!! – here in CEE!

My company has 17 years of experience on our market, but we are auditing suppliers of big retailers in other 15 countries in Europe! We did training, consulting and auditing services in 33 scopes, but our message must be heard by the owners! We are here to help them to develop their companies, their business!

Unfortunately, here in Romania, CEO’s and owners don’t come at conferences or trainings! THEY HAVE TO!

6. What are your plans for 2017?

We will develop our IFS Trainingcenters in Romania: Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Brasov, Iasi, Timisoara, Galati and Constanta

We will develop our IFS Trainingcenters in Greece and Portugal, we will develop new consulting projects in Poland, Egypt, Croatia, Muntenegro, Greece!

7. You are also an active member in our Agriculture and T&L Task Forces. What triggered you to join?

I can help a lot Romanian Farmers and Romanian owners in Agrifood and T&L business! GLOBALGAP and IFS Food and IFS Logistics certifications for their products and services are their passport to export their crops and food products all other the world!!! They will have access to big retailers market in Europe but also in the world! AND WE CAN HELP THEM TO GET THIS PASSPORTS!!!

8. In one sentence, how would you promote Romania to the Dutch companies?

The most interesting, full of life and provocating market in Europe, with a lot of opportunities to develop and work, with amazing people which are their friends and open to do business and have fun!

9. Last but not least: do you have a special message for NRCC members?

YES! Be more active, come with us also in other cities of Romania to find new opportunities to develop your business! Invest more time in networking and to one to one meetings after networking. 

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