NRCC Member in Spotlight - Gitana Winery

Mon | 06.03.2017


Meet Lilia Dulgher, a succesful woman that mixes passion and family tradition for creating an entrepreneurial business, recognized and appreciated at international level.

1. Dear Lilia, please introduce yourself shortly to all our members. 
I am a woman who, having legal studies, has been ventured into the wine business, and this adventure proved to be his great passion and work that suits her best, giving growth and prospects. Love for wine was inherited me, I’m coming from a family of winemakers and I know the secrets and the requirements of a select wine since I was little. Secrets that I apply today at Gitana Winery. 

2. Gitana Winery brand rapidly distinguished itself on the international artisanal wines market, including the Romanian one. Why should wine lovers choose Gitana? 
Because Gitana means quality, originality and good taste. Gitana wines are perfect for all the occasions, a bottle of Gitana wine can be a special present, or the guarantor of a wonderful dinner. Gitana is a symbol of the confluence of tradition and modernity, a return to origins, but at the same time a look to the future, marking a milestone of rebirth of Moldovan wines. Moldova has great conditions for making Premium artisanal wines. And wine lovers confirm this. Further, Gitana wines are complex and elegant, with a distinguished style that manages to capture the particularities and the specific of the area of origin, “Valul lui Traian”. The experts claim that this region is located in one of the best n the Republic of Moldova for the growing of grapes for red wines, due to climate conditions, which are similar to those of the famous wine regions Bordeaux and Piemont. 

3. Is it hard being an entrepreneur woman, moreover in the wine industry?
I do not believe in gender differences in business. Woman or men, whatever you are, you have success, when you have a good and planed strategy. And when the product that you represent is the reflection of the quality. When you love what you do, nothing can be hard. However, wine industry means not only have care of plantation, collect grapes, make wine and keep it in cellars. When make wine become a business, and you have the goal to cross the frontiers, you need a plan, team, force and vision… and is a challenge that can crown with success when you can dream and act. A challenge even when means hard working is a pleasure for me, because it’s an occasion to grow. 

4.  You say “Gitana aren`t simple wines ...there are stories bottled and hugs flavors bold as the result of hard work and continuous improvement”. That sounds interesting. Please tell us more details. 
I think this quote says it all. Every wine of our brand is a story that we are building inspired of our life. Surori, Lupi, La Petite Sophie, Manastirea de Rohrbach, all this wines are symbols of a little world, and names are suggestive. At the same time, not only the name of the wine has a story, but the wine itself, because wine lives, it changes peculiarities in time and depending on the extern factors. The relationship between winemaker and wine is a special one, and it’s reflected in the final product. That’s why when you keep a bottle of wine in you hand, you keep a wonderful bottled story.

5. What is your favorite Gitana wine and why? In one sentence, how would you promote it to a person that has never taste it? 
All Gitana wines are my favorites, because they contain pieces of my heart. How I promote our wines to a person that has never taste it? Simple. A take a glass, pour wine and I invite him to smell, to agitate, to taste it. After that no word is needed. 

6. In the end, do you have a message for NRCC members?
It’s a honor for Gitana Winery to be member of NRCC and develop the same objectives with you. That’s why I express gratitude for you all and a wish you an harmonious development.


In 1999, the Dulghers purchased "Tiganca" wine factory from Plopi village. Even though it was in a deplorable state, the winery was provided with the most important thing necessary for producing quality wine – underground cellars with constant temperatures both in summer and in winter, which contributes to the decent maturation of the wine.

The Dulghers credo is to produce quality wines with unique taste and flavour, which required large and long term investments, as well as a lot of indispensable hardworking. However, Mr. and Mrs. Dulgher have always known that the most important thing in winery is the vine, and that technologies help to better preserve the gifts of the nature. They refused to buy fermenters, as other producers do and they opted instead for wooden tuns, so that the grapes breathed and the air penetrated them well.

The main objective of Tiganca Winery is to ensure that Gitana wines preserve the personal identity of each variety of grapes in their flavor and structure, so that the typicality of varieties is not too influenced by human intervention.

Gitana Winery pays most attention to the quality of wines, based on traditions and "know-how" in the field. Due to compliance with this principle, Gitana wines enjoy acclaim from both professionals and consumers, winning over time many awards in the specialized competitions in the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

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