NRCC Member in Spotlight - Eastwards Prospectus

Mon | 01.02.2016


Meet Andrei Breahna, cultural manager, art dealer and art collector, having an ambitious objective: to put Romania into the global map of contemporary art scene.

1. Dear Andrei, please introduce yourself shortly to all our members. 
In 2012, I come back to Romania after a 7 years period that I spent in France. I created, together with my partner, Raluca Soaita, an art consultancy, which quickly developed into EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS, a contemporary art gallery focused on Eastern Europe. We are working hard to have an ambitious artistic program and to become a cultural landmark for the region in the field of contemporary art.

2. Is it hard being a cultural entrepreneur in Romania?
Every activity has its challenges. In Romania, there are lots of opportunities to develop things. We are actively working with companies to develop a perspective upon contemporary art and to develop a new generation of contemporary art collectors who will be engaged in this phenomenon and who will actively participate in its development.

3. What do you think is the main challenge that Romanian artists are facing nowadays?
The economy of each creative industry is different. Visual arts have the advantage of an existing business model, which is the gallery. While painters, sculptors or artists dealing with photography have objects to sell, video artists need to have support from galleries to produce and promote works. Romanian artists need to become more visible on the international art scene and art market and for that we need more professional galleries and institutions to contribute to the consolidation of this movement.

4. Amsterdam has a vibrant contemporary art scene. Do you see this potential also for Bucharest in the upcoming 5 years for example?
Some artists and curators have already said that Bucharest is the new Berlin! Each city has a different cultural and geographical configuration and thus we can easily identify differences. I think Bucharest already has a very diverse and surprising art scene. My belief is that the alternative factor will attract new collectors and a whole new public towards Bucharest.

5. How many exhibitions will the gallery host in 2016?
The gallery will hold 6 exhibitions this year. We have two spaces so usually we have 8 exhibitions a year, but now for the first time we will have artists exhibiting on both floors. It will be a very exciting year, with international artists who have exhibited in the Venice Biennale or the Pompidou. So stay tuned.

6. You are also an art collector. What would you advise a person interested in investing in contemporary art?
Collecting art changed my life. Contemporary art is an ongoing phenomenon. So being part of it can be a very exciting adventure. Collecting contemporary art is not only about buying art, but also about meeting artists and integrating cultural value in life. If done intelligently, collecting contemporary art can prove to be an excellent investment. But art is not the same type of investment as financial instruments are. Art is all about (cultural) value. And value has other dividends that may help a collector feel happier and richer.



 is one of the fewest contemporary art galleries and institutions which proudly defines its activity on the international art market, focusing on the contemporary artistic production from (and upon) Eastern Europe. Our choice is inspired by the artistic potential of this multicultural area which reflects plural contexts, mentalities, histories and local artistic languages.

EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS canvasses the artistic production from (and upon) Eastern Europe in order to identify the artists from this area whose practice preserves its singularity, its aesthetic and discursive power of fascination at an international level. 

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