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Mon | 13.02.2017


Meet Octavian Dumitrescu, Executive Director at CustomSoft, the creator of Eva, one of the most complex and complete e-commerce solutions in Romania.

1. Dear Octavian, please introduce yourself shortly to our members.
I was a software developer as a professional for a couple of years, working in small and big companies in Romania, after finishing the University of Bucharest. I started CustomSoft in 2006, and grew it in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis, because one of the things that was growing back then was e-commerce, an industry we know very well now. I’m a social person, I like networking events or going out with friends. I’m passionate about cars and commercial airplanes.

2. How did you find out about the NRCC and its activities?
I was travelling to Amsterdam and connected through LinkedIn to several business people there for my trip. One of them was working at ORTEC and redirected me to their office in Bucharest. In Bucharest, I met Herman from ORTEC who introduced me to NRCC. We are partners with ORTEC now.

3. CustomSoft has in its portfolio Eva, one of the most complex and complete e-commerce solutions in Romania. How did the Romanian market evolve in the last 3 years and what do you foresee?
E-commerce is growing rapidly in the last period and we expect it to grow more in the following years. This is one of the reasons we are investing very much in our product Eva, because we think we can help the businesses grow by using our tested mature product.

4. You have clients in Europe, USA and even Africa and Asia. What are your business priorities for 2017 in terms of coverage and services?
Our plans for 2017 are to grow our e-commerce product towards being number 1 in Romania in our field. We intend to sell Eva in other markets, and we have open discussions with customers in different countries.

5. Again looking into the future: what is next in the IT industry under the fast evolution of Big Data and IoT? Will that affect the B2B market?
We’re involved in a lot of types of projects that use the latest IT developments in not so IT industries. We launched products for customers ranging from roomsharing in London and across the world to airline delay recovery or to parcel delivery tracking. The latest project that we’re involved is an IoT one that monitors and automates crop growing.

6. Recruiting in the IT market is really a challenge, especially for smaller local companies. How do you handle this sensitive topic at CustomSoft?
For us is not a sensitive topic. People like working at CustomSoft, because we think we know how to combine a good working environment with a productive one. Also, as everyone knows, software developers like challenges and we have a lot of them by having very diverse projects in different industries.

7.  You are also an active member of the NRCC IT&C Task Force. What triggered you to join?
Herman & Isfahan. NRCC is a very nice community for business, but also for very nice people. After more than a year, I think I have found some business partners, as well as some friends in NRCC.

8. In the end, please a thought for NRCC members.
I like NRCC for the events, the people and the business. Thank you for having me in the community!


In the software market since 2006, CustomSoft is noted on two business lines: e-commerce and custom software (web and mobile). CustomSoft is the creator of Eva e-commerce platform, a top application in this field in Romania, used by companies like, or

Eva is the most effective e-commerce platform, with the main advantage of automating processes within sales, promotion and online marketing, as well as related logistics and stock management workflows.

The platform is a support for both retailers and end customers, easily covering mobility needs, available on mobile devices as a responsive site, but also as a native mobile application.

CustomSoft is specialized in developing business applications in areas such as e-commerce, automotive, retail, distribution, manufacturing and telecommunications. We try to approach each project starting from the customer’s requirements, but filling with everything necessary so that the customer’s expectations are always exceeded. We bring more value to our customers in the available budget.

Well-developed internal procedures ensure high quality of analysis, development, testing and project management services. Our customers confirm this, each year choosing to work with us again. 30% of the new projects are our customers’ with whom we have worked before, and 40% are recommended customers.

NRCC members benefit from 25% discount for the Eva e-commerce license. 

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